Sommerton-Festival 2018

Sommerton-Festival 2018

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Kommentar zu dem neuen Festival auf der Website von Uli Fild, internationaler Künstleragent

Kommentar zu dem neuen Festival  auf der Website von Uli Fild, internationaler Künstleragent 

New Festival in Marienthal:

First edition of the Marienthal Festival on 25th of August.

The ex promoter of the Duisburg Traumzeit festival created a new festival in a wonderful small village in the countryside near to the Dutch boarder.

First act was a solo performance of the Finish piano player Iiro Rantala.

Gerardo Nunez invited the audiance together with his percussion player Cepillo and the bass player Renaud Garcia Fons to a fantastic journey through the Spanish Flamenco tradition before the French bass player Renaud Garcia Fons closed the evening with his beautiful music to the film „The adventures of Prince Ahmed“.

A wonderful start for a new festival !!
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